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Company Relationship Profile

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A Relationship Profile is created whenever a relationship between two companies is defined in either of their Company Profiles.  When the Relationship Profile is created in one Company Profile, a reciprocal Profile is created in the related Company Profile.

Open a Relationship Profile by clicking on a relationship record in the Relationships browse screen in a Company Profile.


A Relationship Type list

Identify the type of relationship enjoyed by the company in the active Profile.

Although the default relation types are Parent Of, Child Of, and Relates To, your Administrators may have added other relationship types.

B Company Name list

Identify the name of the related company.

  • To edit the information in a field or list, click in the field to activate it, and then make a different selection in the list or type over the existing text in a field.


Notes field

Review the notes provided on the relationship between the two companies.

D Back to Browse button Click to return to the Relationships browse screen.