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Conga Support

Column Menu Options

This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module


This page applies to: Conga Contracts




Adds aggregations to the field.


Applies sorting to individual fields:

  • None removes any sorting.
  • Ascending sorts data from A-Z or 0-9.
  • Descending sorts data from Z-A or 9-0.

Advanced Function

Applies an advanced function to the field, such as data conversion.


Opens Column Formatting menu for the selected field.

Clear Formatting

Clears all formatting options applied to the selected field.

Conditional Formatting

Displays the Conditional Formatting menu to set alerts to assist users in interpreting the data.

Group Data

Creates groups of values based on the type of data in the field.


Applies a summary aggregation to the field.

Add Filter

Adds the field as a filter to the report.

Hide Field

Hides the field from view in the report.


Deletes the field from the report.