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Creating a Drill Anywhere Report

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

The Drill Anywhere option builds a hierarchy of data into the report view, allowing the user to move through levels of detail within a single report using a path that is determined by the user.

In the example below, a report is created to identify the payments that have been made on contract licenses. Once the report is created, additional information can be added to the report by using the Drill Anywhere option. This option creates linked fields within the report, which when selected, display a pop-up menu containing a hierarchical listing of all the entities used in the report, included a sub-listing of the individual fields within each entity. When a field in the hierarchy is selected, it is automatically added to the report. For example, if you select Company and Contract as the entities when creating the report, all fields at both the Company Profile and the Contract Profile level are available in the pop-up list, and you can add any field in the list to the report.


Analytics Report option

From the Report Browse screen, click on New Reports Types to display a menu, and select Analytics Report to display the Conga Contracts Analytics prompt.


Entity list

Click on Company to display more options, scroll down and select Contract, scroll down further and open the Payment Stream folder, and then select Payment Forecast.


Run link

Click to display the Report Builder.


Available Fields list and Columns list box

Display the available fields by expanding an entity folder in the Available Fields list. Locate the field you want to add to the report, click on it to select it, and then drag-and-drop it into the Columns list box. In this example, the Contract Number, Current Expiration Date, Contract Group, Contract Value, Payment Paid Date, and Payment Paid Amount fields were added to the report.

  You can also drag-and-drop fields into the Rows list box to create a Cross-Tab Report.


Contract Type field and Filters panel

Click on Contract Type in the Available Fields list, and drag-and-drop it into the Filters panel since we are filtering by contract type (i.e., License).


Advanced Settings link

Click to display the Configure Filters screen.


Operand list

Select In List to choose from the list of available contract types that are currently stored in Conga Contracts.


Filter icon

Click on the icon to display the Search Filter Values window.


Search Filter Values window

  • Select the License check box to filter the report by contract types that are licenses.
  • Click Submit.


Close & Apply icon

Click on the image186.png icon to close the window and configure the contract type.


Analysis Style Menu

Select Drill Anywhere to identify the fields that can be used to display a hierarchy of additional information.

  The fields that can be used to drill for additional information display in blue text, indicating they are hyperlinks.


Drillable field

Locate the field in a report record for which you would like to view additional information, and click on it to display the Select Drill Analysis Field window. Clicking on any hyperlink field will display the window with the top-level entity fields displayed (i.e., Company fields).


Select Drill Analysis Field window

  • Click on an entity field (e.g., Payment) to display the fields that may contain additional information.
  • Locate the field you want to temporarily add to the report (e.g., Payment Notes), and click on it to select it.

The drillable field you click in the report is automatically replaced with a new column of information based on the field you selected in the Select Drill Analysis Field window. In our example, a link in the Contract Group column was selected, the Payment Notes field was selected in the Select Drill Analysis Field window, which resulted in the Contract Group column being replaced with the Payment Notes column.


New linked field

Review the information in the new linked field for each report record.


Start link

Click to remove the new linked field from the report, and replace it with the original field. The name of the replaced field (i.e., Contract Group: Realtors) is displayed to the right of the Start link.

Repeat Steps 12-15 to temporarily insert additional information into the report.


Output tab

Click to view the new linked field in the entire report.


Report output

Review the information in the new linked field for the entire report using the scroll bar.


Reset icon

If you want to reset the report to the original fields, click on the icon.


Export icon

Click on the icon if you want to export the report in its current state to a PDF, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, or TEXT and save it. You can also print the report. See Outputting an Analytics Report.


Report menu

Click on Report to display a menu, and select Save to display a Save Report window.


Save Report window

Give the report a name and enter a description, and then click Save.