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Chart Series

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

Formatting a chart series involves selecting a series from a list of available items, and then editing the options for the chart type. A chart series is often used to identify gaps in data.

  The formatting options below involve a Bar chart with one series whose only options are sort options. However, the Series Settings screen will vary based on the type of chart used.

Some common options for a series include:

  • Style – specifies the shading style for the series
  • Direction – sets the direction of the gradient shading to be applied to the series.
  • Color – defines the color(s) to be applied to a series.
  • Combination Sub Chart – specifies which sub-chart to which the series belongs. This defines the type of chart, and which vertical axis it will use.
  • Shapes – defines whether line shapes are turned on or off.
  • Thickness – defines the width of the line in pixels.


Charts tab

Click to display the Charts view.

  You can also display this view when opening an existing report by selecting the Edit tab, and then selecting Charts in the menu.


Series icon

Click on the icon to display the Series Settings window.


Chart Series list

  • Locate the field whose series you want to format, and then click on it to select it (e.g., Payment Invoice Number). 
  • Drag-and-drop the field into the Series Settings window to display its formatting options.


Sort By radio buttons

If you want to change the default sort order (i.e., Data Order), which is the order in which the data records appear in the report, select the Alphanumeric radio button to sort the series alphabetically.


Sort Direction list

If you want to change the default sort order (i.e., Ascending) of the series, select Descending in the list.


Close & Apply icon

Click on the image332.png icon to apply the changes to the chart series in both the Charts view and the Output (full report) view, and close the Background window.

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