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Chart and Chart Border

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

The chart area includes the background behind the horizontal axis, vertical axis, X-axis label, Y-axis label, legend, and chart title. In effect, all background areas except the plot area. The chart area area can be formatted with color and images.  A chart border can be added to isolate a chart from report data.


Charts tab

Click to display the Charts view.

You can also display this view when opening an existing report by selecting the Edit tab, and then selecting Charts in the menu.


Legend icon

Click on the icon to display the Background window.


Chart Area category

Click on the expand icon image373.png to display the formatting options for the chart’s background area.


Style list

If you want to apply a gradient to the color being used in the chart background, change the default from Solid to Gradient.


Color option

Click on the image351.png icon to display a color palette that allows you to change the background color of the chart. The default color is white.


Image Manager link

If you want to add an image to the background of the chart, click on the link to display an Image Manager window. To add a new image, click the Add button to display a Choose File button, which when selected, displays a File Upload prompt that allows you to select the image you want displayed in the chart background. Click the Save button to upload the image. Once the image file displays in the Image Manager window, click on it to add it as the chart’s background image.


Image Opacity list

If you want to increase the transparency of an image added to the chart’s background, change the default selection (100%) to a lower percentage. The lower the opacity, the more transparent the image.

  Opacity selections range from 10% - 100% in increments of 10.


Chart Border category

Click on the expand icon image373.png to display the formatting options for the chart border.


Style list

If you want to add a border around the chart, change the default selection from None to Solid.


Close & Apply icon

Click on the image332.png icon to apply the background changes to the chart in both the Charts view and the Output (full report) view, and close the Background window.

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