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Chart Title

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

The chart title involves defining the text and applying formatting styles to the text.

Open the Analytics Report whose chart title you want to format, and follow the steps below.


Charts tab

Click to display the Charts view.

  You can also display this view when opening an existing report by selecting the Edit tab, and then selecting Charts in the menu.


Title icon

Click on the icon to display the Title window.


Title Contents list

If you want the chart title to mirror the name of the report, leave the default value (i.e., Report Name) selected. The other options are:

  • None – proceed to Step 11.
  • Section Name – applies the display name provided in Section Formatting. Proceed to Step 6
  • Custom – allows you to create a new title for the chart. Proceed to Step 4.


Custom Title field

Enter the name you want displayed at the top of the chart. This name appears in both the Charts view, and the Output view, which displays the full report.


Custom option

If you want to customize the display of the chart title, click on Custom to display style options for the title.


Font list

Locate the font style you want to use for the title, and click on it to select it.


Font size list

Locate the font size you want to use for the title, and click on it to select it.


Color option

Click on the image351.png icon to display a color palette that allows you to change the color of the chart title. The default is black text.


Emphasis icons

Click on the image352.png icon to make the text bold, and the image353.png icon to italicize the text.


Alignment icons

Use the image354.png icons to center the chart title above the chart, or to left-justify or right-justify the title above the chart


Close & Apply icon

Click on the image332.png icon to apply the size and position settings to the chart in both the Charts view and the Output (full report) view, and close the Chart Settings window.

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