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Accumulated Total

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

You can add a column to a report and apply an advanced function that will perform a running total on the values in another column in a report. In the example below, the Accumulated Total column displays the monies accrued to date by summing the values in the Payment Paid Amount column, which reflect customer payments on monthly invoices.

Open the Analytics Report to the Data view, and follow the steps below.


Available Fields list

Locate the field that will be used in the advanced function (e.g., Payment Paid Amount), and then drag-and-drop a second occurrence of the field into the Columns list box.

 It is recommended that you position the original and duplicate columns side-by-side.


Payment Paid Amount field

Verify that there are two occurrences of the field in the canvas.


Column icon

Click on the image244.png icon of the column heading for the duplicate column (e.g., Payment Paid Amount). A menu displays that allows you to perform a variety of actions for the column.


Advanced Function option

Click to display the Advanced Metrics window.


Select Function list

Ensure Analysis is selected in the list.


Calculation list

Select Accumulative total in the list. A description of the calculation displays in the list box to the right of the list.

 You can quickly locate a calculation by typing a few letters of its name in the Search field and depressing the Enter key on your keyboard.


Save button

Click to apply the cumulative total to the report.

When the report refreshes, the name of the column has been changed to Running total of Payment Amount Paid, and the cumulative totals are displayed. The advanced function is identified by the presence of the icon in the Columns list box.

Click on the Output tab to view the application of the advanced function for the entire report.