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Creating a Pre-Defined Calculation

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

A pre-defined calculation involves running a function against a single report field, or performing a calculation using two report fields. In the example shown below, the elapsed time between two date fields is being calculated.

Locate the Analytics Report that needs the calculation in the Report Browse screen, and click on its image059.png icon to display the Data view of the report.


Create Calculate Field icon

Click on the image061.png icon to display a Calculate Field window.


Formula Type list

Select Pre-Defined in the list to refresh the window.




Calculate Field Name field

Enter the name you want displayed in the report for the calculated field.


Functions list

Make a selection in the list, depending on the calculation you want to perform. In this example, Days Between is selected since we are computing the number of days between the Payment Invoice Due Date and the Payment Paid Date.

  The options for a pre-defined calculation are Days Between, Hour, Month, Months Between, Percentage, Profit % of Cost, Ratio, Ratio (Count), Truncate Timestamp, Week, Year, and Years Between.


Resulting Field Type radio buttons

  • If the resulting calculated field is a dimension (text-based) field, leave the default Dimension radio button selected. 
  • If you want to change the calculated field to a metric (number or date) field, select the Metric radio button.


Define Value link

Click to display fields that allow you to define the calculation. In the example provided, there are three options for defining the start date (32, 33, and 34) and only one option can be used.



[Start Date] field list option

If you want to use a field to define the calculation, make a selection in the list. In this example, Payment Paid Date is the field that will be used as the start date for the calculation.


Calendar option

If you want to filter the calculation by entering a specific start date, click on the image064.png icon to display a pop-up calendar and use it to select the date.

  You can also manually enter the date in the blank field above the icon.


Current Date option

If you want to use today’s date as a point of reference for the calculated field, click the Current Date radio button.

  • You can set a variance for the current date by selecting plus (+) or minus (-) in the adjacent list, and entering a number in the adjacent blank field. 
  • You can also change the default variance from Days to Weeks, Months, Quarters, or Years in the adjacent list.


OK button

Select to define the value for the calculated field.


Define Value link

If your calculation involves two fields, a second link will display. In this example, the End Date value needs to be defined. Repeat Steps 32-35 for the second field.


Save button

Click to save your information and create the pre-defined calculation.

Once you add a calculation a red Calculated Fields folder displays in the Available Fields list in the Data view of the Analytics Report.


Calculated Fields icon

Click on the image067.png icon to display the calculated field.

  The calculated field will contain the icon if it is a dimension (text-based) field, or the icon if it is a metric (date or number) field.


Calculated field in Available Fields list

To add the field to the report, click on it, and then drag-and-drop it to the Report Builder canvas.


Calculated field in Report Builder

Verify that the calculated field is displayed in the report.

  You can move the calculated field by clicking on the header, and dragging and dropping the field to the desired location in the report.