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Applying a Filter to a Report

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

Filters are used to ensure your report does not contain any empty records, and also to ensure the data in your report displays only the information targeted by the report.

When you apply a filter to an Analytics Report using one of the fields in the report, you define the parameters of the filtered field using one of the several operators, which allow you to narrowly refine the data in your report. You can set up more than one filter for the same report field, as well as set up more than one report filter by applying the filter to another field in the report.

Once a filter is applied to a report, you can customize and the filter using the several formatting options.


Available Fields list

Locate the category folder that contains the field you want to use as a filter, and click on its image054.png icon to display the fields.

  A report can contain more than one filter.


Category field lists

  • Locate the field you want to use as a filter. 
  • Click on the field, and then drag-and-drop it into the Sections panel.


Filter panel

Verify that the field is now displayed in the panel.


Advanced Settings link

Click to display the Configure Filters screen where you can configure the field that will be used to filter the data in your report.


Operators list

Make a selection in the list, based on how you want to define the condition(s) for the filter. Example: The Payment Paid Amount field is set to "Is Not Null" to ensure only contracts that have this field populated display in the report. See Filter Operators for a description of each operand.


Filter Fields list box

If you want to add another filter, locate the field you want to use in the Available Fields list, click on it to select it, and then drag-and drop it into the list box. Repeat Step 5 to define the conditions for the filter.

  You can add more than one filter to the same field.


Close & Apply icon

Click on the image056.png icon to close the window and apply the filter to the report.

When the filter has been configured to show only report records where the Payment Paid Amount field is not null (empty), the first company that meets this condition displays in the report preview.


Output tab

Click to view the entire report in a scrollable screen.



If you have added any filters to the report, a legend displays, explaining each filter.

  The legend may also be displayed at the bottom of the report.


Report calculations

If you have added any calculated fields to the report, a summary of the calculated values displays at the top of the report.


Report data

Use the scroll bar to view the entire report.