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Selecting Report Fields

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

An Analytics Report is accessed from the Report Browse screen and created using the Report Builder.


Navigation Toolbar

Click on Reports to display a menu, and then select Reports to display the Report Browse screen.


New Report Types button

Click to display a menu, and then select Analytics Report to display a Conga Contracts Analytics prompt.

The first step in creating an Analytics Report is to identify the fields that you want to include in the report. Since the data in Conga Contracts is set up in a hierarchy, you must "drill down" to the appropriate level to ensure all the data fields you want to include in your report are available when you create the report. In the example shown, we are reporting on incoming payments for contracts. To ensure all the payment fields are available to us, we drill down three levels (Company à Contract à Payment Steam à Payment).


Entity field list

  • Click in the field to display the Clause, Company, Project, and Request folders, and select the entity you want to report upon.
  • Click on the image046.png arrow for Company, Project, or Request to display a hierarchy of linked information. Drill down until you locate the lowest level of information you want in your report, and then click on this level to select it. Fields at this level and fields in all levels above it will be available for your report.

Drilling further down in the list provides you will more data for your report. For example, selecting Company à Contract à Payment Stream à Payment will provide far more data than simply selecting Company à Contract in the list.


Run button

Click to display the Analytics Report Builder containing the available fields for your report.


Available Fields list

Click on the image048.png icon for a category to display the fields in the category.


Dimension field

  • Locate a dimension field you want to add to the report and drag it into the canvas area to add the field to the Columns list box. Dimension fields contain the image017.png icon and are typically text-based fields.
  • Continue adding all the dimension fields you want to include in your report.

 You can also design a cross-tab report, which contains both columns and rows.


Metric field

  • Locate a metric field you want to add to the report and drag it into the canvas area to add the field to the Columns list box. Metric fields contain the image049.png icon and are typically number and date fields, and calculations can be performed on these fields.
  • Continue adding all the metric fields you want to include in your report.


Resize icon

If you want to resize a column for a selected field, mouse over the right border of the column heading until the resize icon image050.png displays, click on the icon, and then drag the border to the desired width.


Column Formatting menu

Click on the image051.png icon for a column heading to display a menu that allows you to perform a variety of actions for the data fields in the report columns.


Column menu

Use the options in the menu to sort the data, format the display of data, and aggregate the values, as well as other actions. See Column Formatting for more information.