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Output View

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Analytics Add-on module

The Output view displays your entire report so that you can review it before exporting it to a format for distribution and printing. In the Output view, you can also generate a Report Summary or a KPI Report.



Chart display

View the report, displayed as a chart at the top of the screen. A chart only displays if you created a chart for the report data.

If you hover over a data component in the chart, a pop-up displays with summary information.


Report display

View the report with all the data fields populated. Use the scroll bar to reveal additional data.

You can apply formatting to the fields, columns, sections, filters, as well as the entire report. Conditional formatting is also available for the fields displayed in the report.


Report Title and Description

View the report title and its description.

You can edit the formatting by changing the font style, size, and color, as well as adding a background color and a border.


Export icon

Click on the image041.png icon to display a list of options for exporting your report. The options are DOCX, PDF, XLSX, CSV, or Text. You can also print the report directly from the Output screen.


KPI icon

Click on the image042.png icon to generate a KPI Report.

Your report must not contain any sections (groupings), and the report fields must all be displayed in the Columns format or the Rows format.


Summary icon

Click on the image043.png icon to generate a Summary Report.

Your report must have the proper settings to support the generation of the Summary Report.