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Reviewing a Supplier Registration's History

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can track the history of a supplier registration once it is submitted, during the review process, and after acceptance if the supplier resubmits the registration with additional information.

1.  Locate the supplier registration whose history you want to review, and click on the supplier registration record.

2.  In the Supplier Registration Profile screen:

  • (Optional) Click in the Documents section of the screen to view a history of all the revisions made to a document attached to the registration.
  • Click the History tab to view the History screen for the supplier registration.

3.  Review the history records for the supplier registration.

4.  Click Back to Browse in the toolbar to return to Supplier Registration Browse screen.

  If the supplier registration has been accepted, the Go To Supplier button displays. Click the button to display the Company Profile for the supplier.