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Navigation Toolbar

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Navigation Toolbar displays along the top of every screen and includes five drop-down menus: My Place, Companies, Contracts, Reports, and Search.  A menu also displays when you click on your name in the toolbar.  This menu includes a Preferences link that is used to customize how you receive and view program information.  If you have any administrative permissions, the Admin menu also displays.  Each menu includes two or more labeled icons that link you to program data and/or allow you to perform a task.  The Search menu contains only the Search Query link if the Elastic Search is enabled, but if you are running the Classic Search, the menu also contains a Document Search link.


A MyPlace menu Click a link to display a screen containing information specific to your contractsevents, people (users, company contacts, and external participants), projectsclauses, global documents, document and eSignature packages, and supplier registrations. There are also links to your program calendar, the contract requests you have made, and the contract requests that you can approve.
B Companies menu Click a link to display a screen where you can add a company or browse a list of existing companies.
C Contracts menu Click a link to display a screen where you can add a contract, browse a list of existing contracts, review your existing contract requests or make a new request, and review the contract requests awaiting your approval.
D Reports menu

Click a link to display a screen where you can run the Report Wizard, generate an Advanced report, or schedule a report.

A BI Toolbox link will be present if you are running the Analytics module.

E Admin menu

Click a link to display a screen where you can perform the Administrative tasks you can perform: Lists, Additional Forms, Profile Rules, Creation Templates, Contract Request Types, Workflows, Supplier Registration Types, Scorecards, Event Alert Templates, Task Lists, Contract Flow Templates, Company Flow Templates, Project Flow Templates, and Email Distribution Lists.

  The Security tasks (Users and Roles) and the Global tasks (Advanced Edit, Global Messaging, System Settings, and the Bulk Data Upload Tool) are typically reserved for System Administrators.

F Elastic Search list

Make a selection in the list to filter your elastic search by Company, Contract, or  Document results.  Select All to return all results.

This list is not present if you are using Classic Search.

G Elastic Search field

Enter a name, keyword, value/number, or text string in the field, and click Icon Magnifyer.png (or press the ENTER key on your keyboard).

H Search menu

Click to select a link that allows you to create or run a search query.

There is also a Document Search link in the menu if you are using Classic Search.

I User menu Click your name to display a menu with links that allow you to perform user-specific tasks: access the help system, set your user preferences, return to the Dashboard from any screen, or log out of Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus).
J Logout icon Click   to log out of Conga Contracts (formerly Novatus).
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