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Activating CIM (Adding a Clause Processor Role)

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Clause ID and Management Add-on module

Once you activate the Clause Identification and Management (CIM) module by identifying the document types whose clauses need to be analyzed, you can add a Clause Processor role for the module or modify an existing role.  The role must include the Document Upload permission for all contract groups whose uploaded documents need their clauses analyzed during CIM processing.  Once you add or modify the role, you must assign it to the individual users who have permission to upload documents to Contract Profiles and process the clauses in the documents they upload.

1.  Click Admin in the toolbar, and click Roles.

2.  In the Roles screen, click New Role

3.  In the Role Profile screen, populate the Role Name and Role Description fields.

4.  (Optional) Make a selection in the Clause Security list.

5.  Click the Contract Groups tab.

6.  Select the Document Upload check boxes to allow users with this role to upload documents to the Contract Profiles belonging to the selected contract groups.

7.  Click Save.

8.  Assign the role to the individual users who have permission to upload documents and process document clauses.