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Create Manage Clauses Button for Managed Clauses

A Manage Clauses button needs to be created on the Manage Clauses object so you can reorder Managed Clauses.

To create a Manage clause button on the Manage Clauses object:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. In the sidebar, navigate to Build > Create >  Objects > Managed Clause > Buttons, Links, and Actions. Click New Button or Link.
  3. In the Label box, type the name of your button, for example: Manage Clauses or Clause Selector
  4. For Display Type, select List Button.
  5. Un-check the checkbox for Display Checkboxes (for Multi-Record Selection).
  6. In the Behavior list, select Display in existing window without sidebar or header .
  7. In the Button or Link URL field, paste the following:
    {!URLFOR($Action.APXT_Redlining__Clause_Bundle__c.APXT_Redlining__Select_Clauses, null, [altId=thisObject.Id], false)}
    thisObject.Id - is the Id of the object on which you want to add the button like Opportunity.ID
  8. Click Save. Click OK.
  9. Navigate to the Page Layout of the object on which you want to add the button.
  10. Scroll down to the Managed Clauses Related List and click the wrench icon to modify the Related List.
  11. Expand the Buttons section, drag your newly created button from the Available Buttons list to Selected Buttons.
  12. Click Save.