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Create Composer Button to Generate Document for Conga Contracts

Create a Composer button that generates the initial document that will be negotiated using Conga Contracts. This Composer solution should do the following:

  • Use Conga Queries to gather Managed Clauses (Business CLM Edition and up).
  • Include the DataTagEnable parameter to ensure changes can be tracked and synced back to Salesforce.
  • Generate the document in Microsoft Word and attach it to Salesforce Files for the Master Object (i.e. Contracts).
  • (Optional) Use the WPD parameter and Textbox special merge field to ensure only certain fields are editable.

Follow the steps below to create this Composer button:

  1. Create Composer button on the object(s) you are using with Conga Contracts (e.g. Contracts, Quotes, Opportunities, etc.) and add it to the Page Layout.

    Walk Through Creating a Composer Button for Contracts
    Creating a Composer Button for Contracts
    Pages: 2
  2. Create Conga Queries to gather Managed Clauses. (Business CLM Edition and up)
    Creating Conga Queries for Contracts
    Pages: 3
    • Using SOQL Queries with Conga Composer
      In addition to using Salesforce® reports to gather information from Salesforce, you may also use Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries stored in the Conga® Query Manager.
    • Adding an Alias
      How to add an alias. The alias name becomes the dataset name in Template Builder.
    • QueryID
      Retrieves the SOQL query stored in the specified Salesforce record, executes the SOQL query and makes the SOQL query results available through a dataset as seen on the Template Builder window.

An example query to gather Managed Clauses (Business CLM Edition and up):

SELECT APXT_Redlining__Latest_Revision_Text__c, Id, APXT_Redlining__Order__c
FROM APXT_Redlining__Managed_Clause__c
WHERE Parent_Contract__r.ID='{pv0}'
ORDER BY APXT_Redlining__Order__C ASC


  1. Build your Composer template and upload to the Conga Template Manager.
    Creating a Word Template for Contracts
    Pages: 5

    It may be helpful to turn on Track Changes in your Word template so that it is already on when the counter-party receives the document.

  2. Add additional parameters to the Composer button URL: &DataTagEnable=1 and &DS7=11
    Adding Parameters for Contracts
    Pages: 2
    • DataTagEnable
      Parameter used with Conga Contracts.
    • DS7
      Enables merge operations to occur in the background.

    ​​​​​​Below is an example Composer button URL for a button on the Contracts Object.  This button will generate the document (including merging the Managed Clauses) and attach it to Salesforce Files for the Master Object.