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Google Drive Parameter

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0 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [path]

* Requires:    &GoogleVisible=1 or &SC1=Google or &BoxVisible=1 or &SC1=Box or &BigTinCanVisible=1 or &SC1=BigTinCan or &OneDriveVisible=1 or &eslvisible=1



Output File Path

Specifies the file path within Google Drive where the merged output files can be saved. Each folder name should be separated by a backslash or forward slash. We recommend using forward slashes as backslashes can cause issues in Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce formulas (see tip below).

Single backslashes work as expected in Conga Composer Button URLs. When used in formulas, single backslashes cause the formula to fail. When converting button URLs to formulas, use a double backslash (\\). In formulas, the backslash is an escape character that specifies that the character that follows should be taken literally.

For the Box integration, the file path must be &OFP=RootFolder\Folder+Name\File+Name

For Box Integration, avoid using spaces in the Salesforce Opportunity name.

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