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DocuSign Integration Parameter

Active 1

Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [0 or 1]

* Requires:   The Conga Template ID must be set using &TemplateID.



Enables the DocuSign Tag Mode

After the merge operation is complete, the browser is redirected to the DocuSign Tag screen.

  Conga Composer currently does not support DocuSign for Salesforce version 7.0. Our development team is investigating support options for this release. To continue using DocuSign for Salesforce with Conga Composer, do NOT upgrade past version 6.8 / 6.8.2.

DocuSignTag=1 will not work with DS7=17 for automatic delivery. Also, the &DocusignEndpoint parameter must be configured properly to use this parameter.

Value Definition
0 Does not redirect to the DocuSign Tag screen. (default)
1 After the merge is complete, redirects to the DocuSign Tag screen.