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TableList in Word

You can display a column from the report or query as a list of values, separated by a punctuation mark you specify.  TableList fields may be included within paragraphs.




DatasetName is the name of the dataset from the Template Builder window.

FieldName is the name of the field from the Template Builder window.

Punctuation is the punctuation mark that will separate values.


You may not use a quote (") or colon (:) as the punctuation value.

Duplicate values are removed from the list automatically.

TableList does not work in conjunction with TableGroupStart/TableGroupEnd.


For a list separated by commas, place a comma before the double braces:

Attendees are {{TableList:Contacts:First_Name:,}}

On merge, the field values are separated by a comma.

Attendees are Rose, Sean, Pablo.

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