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Tables of Repeating Data in Word

Anything placed between the TableStart and TableEnd fields, including tables, graphics, text and merge fields, is automatically repeated for each row of data in the corresponding dataset.

You can place the TableStart and TableEnd fields outside of a table.

TableStart and TableEnd




DatasetName is the name of the dataset from the Template Builder window.


Dataset values must be identical in the TableStart and TableEnd fields.

Insert a blank line before the TableEnd field to separate each returned set of data.

If you place a TableStart or TableEnd field on a line by itself, you can minimize the amount of vertical space occupied by reducing its font size.

The placement of TableStart and TableEnd outside of a table does not work with TableGroup or TableGroupStart.


Name Title Phone Email
{{TableStart:Contacts}}{{First_Name}} {{Last_Name}} {{Title}} {{Phone}} {{Email}}{{TableEnd:Contacts}}

Returns on merge

Name Title Phone Email
Robert Blalock Account Manager (555) 555-1212
Cassandra Wilson Sales Representative (555) 555-1414
Fred Smith Mail Clerk (555) 555-0006