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Conditional TableHide Examples in Word

This feature is not supported when using nested SOQL queries.


Master Dataset

Using the Opportunity as my Master object, I want to provide instructions to my high value customers describing how to access their online premium member profile. However, I do not want these instructions to appear for customers whose orders are less than $100,000.  I’ll use the Opportunity Amount field in my Conditional TableHide and use an Operator to indicate the value of $100,000. (The conditional TableHide field is shown in red font for visibility.)

Because the Olenberger Family Membership Opportunity has an Amount of $160,000 (greater than $100,000), the table is not hidden:

Detail Dataset

I have a table in my proposal template where I do not want to display the widget products my company sells that typically have quantities of hundreds of thousands.  Therefore, I will hide my product table if the first product listed has a quantity of more than 2.  Using the OppLineItems detail dataset, I build a table that includes the Conditional TableHide of quantity greater than 2.

Because all of my products have quantities of more than 2, the table is hidden.

Additional Examples



{{TableHide:Flavors:Favorite_Flavor:<>:Grape}}  this can also be expressed as {{TableHide:Flavors:Favorite_Flavor:!=:Grape}}