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Conga Support

Unsupported PowerPoint Features


Close the template before “local” merging:

We’ve found that leaving the template open in PowerPoint during a “local” merge operation can sometimes produce unusual results in the output file. The problem is not as prevalent in using PowerPoint 2010, but never-the-less, we recommend closing the template before merging.

RichText and Image fields when using dot notation or formal style merge fields:

Field types do not produce the desired result if the style of merge field is like the following example: {{HTML:QueryName.FieldName}} or {{Image:QueryName.FieldName}}

Special fields referenced here: Individual values from ReportData or QueryData in PowerPoint


Images in table cells:

PowerPoint tables won’t accept an image in-line with text, however, Conga can insert an image as a cell background.

Text Boxes and Shapes

SmartArt not supported:

SmartArt (PowerPoint’s tool to create org charts and process flows) isn’t currently available in a programmatic fashion.

Merging data with new line characters:

When merging data that contains new line characters, we recommend using a single font for the entire text box or shape.

IF Statements

If statements can only be used in Microsoft Word templates; Powerpoint does not have this capability. The only way to work around this limitation is to create an IF formula field in Salesforce.