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Add Multiple Slides using a Detail Region in PowerPoint

In this technique, the entire slide is repeated for each row of detail data.

Here's how:

  1. In your Template Builder window, locate a field from a ReportData dataset that may contain multiple rows of data. Copy the field to the clipboard.
  2. Insert Text Boxes, Shapes or Picture Frames anywhere you desire on the slide to serve as the merge fields for each row of detail data. Here, we've placed two shapes and a picture frame as merge fields:

To establish that the slide should repeat for each row of detail data, add a merge field with the name {{SlideRepeat:DatasetName}} to the slide, where DatasetName corresponds to the name of the dataset from the Template Builder Window.

The output from the Slide-based Detail Region looks like this:

If the detail data set has no data, the Slide with SlideRepeat is removed.

SlideRepeat will generate slides from the first 50 rows of data in the dataset.

Use “simple” field names within Detail Regions. Do not include DatasetName to refer to the dataset since the dataset is identified by the SlideRepeat field.