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Create Merge Fields in PDF Templates

You can add merge fields to your PDF template.

Watch the video below.

To add merge fields to a PDF template:

  1. Open the Template Builder.

  2. In the Copy Field Format area, select PDF

    A PDF merge field is a text field, Checkbox field or Radio Button field that exists as a layer of fields “on top” of a PDF.  The field name consists of the dataset name, a period (full stop) and the field name.

  3. Open a PDF to use as your template. 

    We’re using a US-government issued W-9 form in Adobe Acrobat as an example.

  4. From the Forms menu, select Add or Edit Fields…

  5. From the Forms > Form Tools menu, selectText Field

  6. Click and drag a rectangle to indicate the position of the text field anywhere on the PDF. 


  7. Return to the Template Builder and clear the Include Label checkbox.

    The Use Text-Based Merge Fields option has no bearing on PDF so may remain checked or unchecked.

  8. Click the CONTACT_NAME field, and click the copy field icon to copy it to your computer’s clipboard. 

  9. Double-click the text field on the PDF template to open the Text Field Properties dialog and, in the Name field, paste the CONTACT_FULLNAME field name copied from the Template Builder. 

    Notice that Conga Composer has created the field with the correct naming convention for PDF merge fields (e.g. DatasetName.FieldName) – Master.CONTACT_FULLNAME. 

  10. Repeat to add additional fields. 

  11. (Optional) Polish the look of your form by resizing the fields to a consistent size and aligning fields. 

    Acrobat allows you to select multiple fields by ctrl-clicking each field. 

    Resize and alignment options are available by right-clicking on any of the selected fields.

  12. Save the template and return to the main screen.

  13. Now select the Merge & Download button to generate the document. 

It is recommended to use the same page orientation for all of your pages within your PDF template. If the template contains a mix landscape and portrait orientation, the merge fields can merge sideways and display incorrectly when printing the output document.