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Use DocuSign Anchor Tags with PDF Forms

This article will describe the process of adding DocuSign automatic anchor tags to a PDF form template for use with Conga Composer. Using this method, both Conga merge fields and DocuSign automatic anchor tags will populate when the template is sent for signature. These instructions specific to Adobe Acrobat X Standard.

Create a PDF form template with Conga Composer merge fields.

Detailed information about how to use PDF forms with Conga Composer is available in the PDF forms reference guide. Once you’ve got a PDF form template with Composer merge fields working, you’re ready to add DocuSign anchor tags.

Open your PDF form in Adobe Acrobat and select View=>Tools =>Forms

Then click ‘Edit’ in the list of options in the right column

Determine the place in your form where you will add a DocuSign anchor tag, then select ‘Add New Field’. Choose a ‘Text Field’.

Enter a placeholder value for ‘Field Name’ - this can be whatever you’d like. Unlike Composer merge fields, the field name will NOT map a Salesforce field to this form field. This is simply a placeholder to name the form field – you’ll add your DocuSign anchor tag in the next step.

Click the ‘Preview’ button in the top menu to return to the standard view of your PDF form.

Next, put your cursor in your new form field and manually type your DocuSign anchor text string. 

Return to ‘Edit’ mode (same place as the ‘Preview’ button). Select your form field, click ‘All Properties’, then select the ‘Appearance’ tab. Change the text color for this form field to white. This will ensure that your DocuSign anchor text string is not shown to your eventual signer and they are only presented with the relevant DocuSign tag. Repeat this for every DocuSign anchor tag in your template.

Save your form and upload your template to Salesforce.

In your Conga Composer button URL, add the &FlattenPDFForms=1 parameter. This is REQUIRED in order for anchor tags on a PDF form to be recognized by DocuSign.