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Conga Support

The Conductor Setup Tab

The Conductor Setup tab provides tools to administer Conga Conductor.


Click the Conductor Setup tab.


Enable the Scheduled Conductor Master Switch to configure Conga Conductor records to run on a scheduled, recurring basis.


API Floor is optional and acts as a governor for Conga Conductor.  Enter a number in the API Floor field and Conga Conductor will not run if the number of available API requests for the Salesforce instance reaches the number specified. 

This is particularly helpful when API requests need to be reserved for Salesforce Data Loader operations, data warehousing services, etc. 

If an API Floor value is not entered here, Conga Conductor defaults to an API floor of 10% of the daily API request allotment.


Create a Salesforce Refresh Token (or update an existing one) in order to run Conga Conductor on a scheduled basis using a Salesforce OAuth token.


Create a Google Refresh Token in order to integrate Conga Conductor with Google Drive.


The Conductor 7 Setup link provides access to Conga Conductor Setup in Release 7 (the older version of Conga Conductor).

This link is only used for customers who have upgraded from Conga Conductor Release 7 to Release 8 and are maintaining some scheduled Conga Conductor records on Release 7, in which case they will need to access Conductor Setup for Release 7 to properly maintain the Username, Password, and Salesforce Security Token information.

The credentials entered are under whose authority scheduled Conga Conductor Release 7 records will run. Remember to save the changes.

The Username, Password, and Security Token in Conductor Release 7 have been replaced with the Salesforce Refresh Token (see #4 above) for scheduled Conductor solutions in Release 8.


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