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Conga Support

Delete a Conga Conductor Record

For Conga Conductor solutions that launch from a Salesforce List View button, the Conga Conductor record is only needed in order to access the Conga Formula Builder. Therefore, once you create the List View button, you can delete the Conga Conductor record so it does not cause confusion later or take up unnecessary space.

Conga Conductor solutions launched from a Conductor record instead of a List View button should ignore this section.

Follow these steps to delete the Conga Conductor record:

  1. Click the Conga Conductors tab.
  2. Locate the correct Conga Conductor record from Recent Conga Conductors. Click its Conductor Name.

    You may need to click the Go button next to the View drop-down list to see the correct record in the list.

    Since you were only using this record as a placeholder to access the Conga Formula Builder, the record should say "to be deleted" in its Title or Description.
  3. Confirm that you have selected the correct record, then click Delete.
  4. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.