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Conga Support

Launch Conga Conductor from a Salesforce Record

Instead of using a Conga Conductor record or a list view button, Conga Conductor can also be launched from a custom button on a standard or custom object’s page layout.

To launch Conductor from a custom button, create a new button on your desired object that starts with the following URL:


Next, reference your Salesforce Report or SOQL query that defines the scope of records to include in a batch process with Conductor. Use only ONE of the following parameters:

Option One: &ReportId=00Oxxxxxxxxxxxx?pv0={ParameterToPass}


Option Two: &QueryId=a0xxxxxxxxxxxxx?pv0={ParameterToPass}

Where {ParameterToPass} is a merge field that will pass a value to your Report or query. For example, if a Conductor button is on an Account and the Salesforce Report is configured to show all Cases for a given Account, you would pass the {!Account.Id}.

Finally, reference the formula field that contains the Conga Conductor URL:


A complete example of a Conductor button is below: