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Conga Support

Launch Conga Conductor from a List View Button

Launching your Conga Conductor solution from a Salesforce List View button allows you to choose the records in your batch on an ad hoc basis rather than using a report’s or query’s filter criteria to determine which records are included.

The benefits of using a List View button include:

  • Easily choose which records you want to use as the Master Object records in the Conductor batch by selecting them manually from the list.
  • Select up to 50 records per Conductor batch.
  • Optionally, you can also use a Related List Button on an object’s page layout.

If you choose to launch via a List View button, all users who have access to List Views for that object will see the Conga Conductor List View button, though a user must have a Conga Composer license to run a Conga Conductor process.

See Create a List View Button for more information.

Alternatively, you can launch Conductor from a Conductor Record.