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Upgrade the Conga Conductor App to Release 8

  1. Log into the Salesforce instance in which Conga Conductor Release 7 is installed.
  2. Un-schedule the existing Conductor 7 schedules
  3. Click the link to install Conga Conductor.
  4. Install Conductor
  5. Install Conductor in a Sandbox
  6. Select a security level for the Conga Conductor application.
  7. Conga recommends selecting Install for All Users, as anyone who launches batched merges via through Conga Conductor requires access to the Conga Conductor app components.
  8. Click Upgrade.
  9. Upgrade Complete! appears confirming that the Conga Conductor package has been successfully upgraded.

The Conga Conductor solutions built in the previous version of Conga Conductor (Release 7) are maintained in the Salesforce instance when Conga Conductor is upgraded to Release 8.  These solutions will continue to run on the Conga Conductor Release 7 servers unless they are updated to run instead on the Release 8 servers. 

Please see the following topics to learn how to upgrade Conga Conductor solutions:

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