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Scheduling a QuickMerge Report with Conga Conductor (Release 7)

These steps are for Conga Composer Release 7.  For Conga Composer Release 8, it is recommended Conga Global Merge is used instead of QuickMerge.

Conga QuickMerge is an optional, free add-on to Conga Composer that helps automate Composer and Conga Mail Merge solutions by expanding the scope of how they can be launched. Conga Conductor is an optional, paid add-on to Conga Composer that launches on-demand or scheduled Conga Composer solutions in batches.

In this article we will walk you through the steps of scheduling a QuickMerge Report with Conga Conductor.

  1. Build the QuickMerge Report.
  2. Create a Conductor formula field on the QuickMerge object.
  3. Create a new Conductor record and add two pieces: the API name of your Conductor formula field (formula field from Step 2) into the "URL Field Name" field on the Conductor Record, and the Salesforce ID of your QuickMerge record into the "Record Id" field.

The "Query Id" and "Report Id" fields of the Conductor page should be left blank.

When pasting the formula field name into the Conductor record, be sure to add the full API field name (i.e. Conductor_Formula_Field__c)

  1. Click Launch. Did it work? Test your solution to see if it is working correctly.
  2. Schedule the Conductor.

If you want to include an email template, you must include the parameter [&EmailToId=]. The "Email To" parameter MUST equal a Contact ID; a User ID will not be accepted.

If you want to send the scheduled QuickMerge report to a User and you also want to use an email template, the best solution is to create a Contact record for this particular User.