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Conga Support

Caveats and Warnings for Conga Conductor

Conga Conductor is limited to 50 records per batch for consolidated output or when launching from a Salesforce List View button. Up to 1000 records may be included in the batch for distributed output.

Each Master Object record in the batch will use one service event. Service events are deducted from your annual subscription plan of service events.

Each Conga Conductor merge operation consumes API requests; the number varies depending on the nature and complexity of the solution as well as how many records are in the batch. Therefore, you’ll need to gauge the number of Conga Conductor operations that will take place in your instance with the number of API requests you’re allowed in a 24-hour period.

While not generally necessary, set a 12-hour session timeout value when using Conga Workflow or Conga Scheduled Conductor to increase the likelihood that a session is still active when the document processing takes place.

Ensure that ampersands in text fields passed via Conga Conductor have a space before and after the ampersand character. For more information, see Replace Ampersands (&) in Reference Field Data.

When using Conga products and DocuSign in a fully automated fashion (such as using the background parameter/value pair &DS7=17, Conga Workflow, or Conga Conductor) the DocuSign Username and Salesforce User Email must match. If not, you will receive this error: Error: CreateEnvelope in DocuSignAPI. The UserID does not have a valid membership in this Account.