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Conga Support

About Microsoft Word Merge Templates

Conga Composer® 8 supports both traditional and text-based merge fields, even when combined in a single Word® template.

Text-based merge fields allow you to define a merge field using just a string of text and do not require a Microsoft Word mail merge field.

Text-based merge fields are intended for simple merge field use only and are not intended to be used for compound or nested fields (ie. an IF statement that contains merge fields).

If you plan to integrate Conga Composer with Adobe eSign®, please use caution when designing your template because Composer Text-Based Merge Fields can conflict with Adobe eSign form tags.  You can avoid difficulties by one of these methods:

  • Incorporating the Adobe eSign tag prefix ("_es_") in each Adobe eSign form tag.
  • Disable Composer's Text-Based Merge Fields on the Composer Setup page (and use traditional merge fields in your Word template).

Conga Composer supports Word templates saved in .doc or .docx format.