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Creating Word Calculation Fields

This method is not supported by Conga.

When possible, create calculated fields in Salesforce. Conga can easily map those values to the Template(s).

We can leverage Microsoft Word®’s calculation fields for simple calculations in Word templates.

  1. We will start by inserting a traditional word field by going to Insert / Quick Parts / Formula, then click the Formula button on the pop-up.
  2. Then put numeric fields, operators and a placeholder for any mergefields desired into your Formula:
    Then right click to toggle open your formula:
    { =("Mergefield1" * "Mergefield2") / 100 }
  3. Now we can then replace the Mergefield1 text with a word traditional merge field using insert / quick parts / field then mergefield. Then you will have your merge fields nested inside of your formula:
    { =("«Amount 1»" * "«Quantity 1»") / 100 }
  4. When you merge your document, Conga® will plug in the merge fields and word will execute the calculations.

Here are some additional details on Word Calculation fields and operators:

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