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The Solution Manager Screen

The Solution Manager screen

Let’s explore each element pictured above to learn more about creating your solution and to examine how to navigate the Conga® Solution record.

Conga Solution Details Area


Buttons are grayed out until the part of the process they can be used.

1 Save: Saves the solution record.

Delete: Deletes the solution record from the Solution Manager.

This will delete only the Solution Manager record, not the button or the button URL from the Buttons, Links and Actions menu on your Master Object.

3 Create Button: Creates the Conga Composer® button on the selected Salesforce® object.
4 Select Sample Record: Selects a sample record that you can use to test your solution.
5 Update Button: Saves changes to the button URL of the solution record.

Manage Page Layout(s): Adds a solution to a page layout.

Add a solution to the page layout only after it is tested.

1 Add Reports: Click to add existing Salesforce reports to your solution.
2 Add Queries: Click to add existing SOQL queries from the Conga Query Manager to your solution.
3 Add Templates: Click to add previously created templates from the Conga Template Manager to your solution.
4 Add Conga Email Template: Click to add previously created email templates from the Conga Email Template Manager to your solution.
5 Add Parameters: Click to add parameters to your solution.

Button URLs and Launch Button

1 Button URL in Progress: Provides a live view of the solution as you build and add elements. Keep in mind that this does not show the saved button URL but rather a dynamic view of the URL as it is edited and updated.
2 Current Button URL: Shows the button URL as it was last saved and represents the button that end users are currently using.

Launch: This will launch the saved button from the previously selected sample record so you can test the saved button URL.

The Launch button becomes available only after a sample record has been selected.

Useful Links

Useful Links allow you to easily navigate to other tabs in Salesforce without having to navigate away from Solution Manager.

1 Create New Report: Opens the Salesforce Reports tab so you can easily create and save a new report to access from Solution Manager.
2 Create New Conga Query Record : Opens the Conga Query Manager so you can create a new SOQL query.
3 Open Button/Link Record: Opens the Button/ Link record in a new window.
4 Create New Conga Template Record: Opens Conga Templates in a new tab so you can create and save templates to use in your solution.
5 Create New Conga Email Template Record: Opens Conga Email Templates so that you can create and save a new Conga Email Template to use in your solution.
6 Open Sample Record: Only displays after a Sample Record is selected.

For each element that can be added to your solution, there is a section displaying the selected element.

For example, if you have added one or more parameters to your solution, they display in the corresponding section.

Each time you add a component to your solution, the corresponding section will update with the added element.