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About Solution Manager

With an intuitive interface to build Conga Composer® solutions, the Conga Composer Solution Manager dramatically accelerates the creation of document automation solutions.

To effectively and fully use Solution Manager, Unlimited Edition and Enterprise Edition Salesforce® users must enable the Modify All Data and Customize Application permissions at the Salesforce Profile level. Failure to enable these permissions will prevent you from creating or updating your buttons.

Conga Composer's Solution Manager provides an all-in-one workspace to create and manage solutions.

1 Solution Details. This area contains information about the solution, and buttons to update the production Button URL, add the button to the page layout, select and view the sample record ID, and access the template builder using the preselected sample record from the data set.

Button URLs. This is the primary work area where you create a solution button URL. You can add report and query data to gather the data the solution uses, add templates (including a Conga Email Template) to determine the look of the merged document, and add parameters to customize and expand the solution's functionality. The working button URL appears in the left side of the area and the current button URL appears on the right.

As you add components to your button URL, Solution Manager groups related components to optimize the readability of the URL.

This area also includes a button to launch composer using the current button URL, so that you can preview and test the solution.

3 Solution Components. This area lists the reports, queries, templates, and parameters currently in the in-progress button URL. You can see and edit the component entries directly from this area.
4 Button Archive. The archive contains a history of button URLs. Solution Manager adds an entry whenever the Current Button URL is updated. You can also add notes and attach files to the archive.

From one Solution Manager record, you can:

In addition, Solution Manager maintains an archive of the button changes, so you can review a button URL's history and can easily revert to a previous version.

Solution Manager is included in Conga Composer release 8.7 and above.

Solution Manager also includes an integrated Global Merge℠ (formerly called QuickMerge), to quickly produce reports and gather information from multiple objects.

Solution Manager integrates seamlessly with the new Solution Packs, pre-made solutions that you can implement immediately. Solution Packs include pre-designed reports and queries, parameters, and templates, and are installed with a few clicks. For more information, see Build a Solution For Me: Solution Packs.

You can also build button URLs manually. For more information, see Do It Yourself:Build Button and Link URLs Manually

You cannot reference merge fields that are not on the Master Object in a parameter or User object. In addition, you can add formula syntax, but you must know the correct syntax; Solution Manager cannot access the Salesforce Function editor.