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Conga Support

The Conga Email User Interface

When an outbound email is generated from a Conga® HTML Email Template, have SendGrid® enabled, or are merging multiple documents, Composer® assembles the email and presents the Conga Email User Interface. 

You can customize the formatting and delivery options before sending the email by using the Conga Email User Interface.

You can use the Conga Email User Interface to customize the email before you send it. Some of its capabilities include:



Text Formatting






Hyperlinks and tagging



Styles and Formatting



HTML Source

You can also customize the delivery option by adding recipients.

Composer will automatically change the "Related To" value to the master object record when the email is sent so that the resulting completed Task is associated with the master object record.

Click Add Attachment to attach a file to the email.

Click Send to send the email.