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Launching Conga Composer from the Lightning Homepage

To launch Conga Composer from a home page link in Salesforce Lightning additional configuration steps are required.  These steps are outlined below.

Conga does not provide the necessary code to complete these steps.  This article simply shows what steps must be taken.

Adding a Custom Link to the Lightning Homepage

  1. Add the homepage link in Salesforce Classic and test that the link can be seen on the Homepage.  The link must use OAuth.

  1. Create a custom formula field on the User object to store the link URL.

Example of formula field with link URL:  

  1. Switch to Salesforce Lightning.
  2. Using Quick Find, search for Apex Classes in the Setup menu and find the homepageController.

  1. Click Edit on the homePageController and add the reference to the formula field that contains the Composer link URL.  Click Save.

Below is an example. Notice where the new formula field is referenced.

  1. After saving your edits to the homePageController, go back to Setup and do a Quick Search for Visualforce Pages.  If one does not exist, you will need to create a new Visualforce page.

Here is an example:

  1. Add the Visualforce code and reference the Apex class you just created.  This will allow the custom link to be visible on the homepage in Lightning (see below).

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