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How to Create a Conga Composer List View button

The below solution describes how to build a List View button that will let the end-user dynamically select the child records they would like to include in a Conga Composer operation using checkboxes.

The use of JavaScript in Conga solutions is considered an advanced method, requiring JavaScript knowledge, and is not supported by Conga or the Conga support team. You are welcome to use this feature at your own risk.

Create a List Button on the Child object

  1. Change your button settings to:
  • Behavior – Execute JavaScript
  • Content Source – OnClick JavaScript
  1. Copy the below text and paste it in to your button.  Be sure to update the Object Type in the first line to the Child Object that is the same Object as the Object your list button is on.  Also change the field in the seventh line to the Parent ID of the Object your button is on.
var ids= {!GETRECORDIDS( $ObjectType.OpportunityLineItem )};
var idsReport=ids.join("|");
var idsQuery=ids.join("'|'");
var CongaURL = "" +
"?sessionId={!$Api.Session_ID}" +
"&ServerUrl={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_80}" +
"&Id={!Opportunity.Id}" + 
"&ReportId=00OE0000000P57r?pv0=" + idsReport +
"&QueryId=a03o000000JuspY?pv0='" + idsQuery +"'"; CongaURL, "Conga", "width=700,height=550,menubar=0" );
  1. Create a query with all of the child fields you want to include. The WHERE clause should be the Child ID updated to IN ({pv0})

Example Query for Opportunity Product

SELECT Description, ListPrice, Product_Family__c, Quantity, UnitPrice, TotalPrice
FROM OpportunityLineItem
WHERE Id IN ({pv0})
  1. Add button to layout.
  2. Edit the Parent Object Page Layout. In edit mode go to your child related list and click Properties (the tool icon).
  3. Open the button options at the bottom of the pop- up, add the button and save.