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Conga Support

Templates not Displaying in Composer (Release 8)


Templates not displaying in Composer Release 8 (or showing fewer templates than you expect).

What to Do
  • Apply appropriate object and field level security to the Conga Templates custom object.  See Profile Permissions Needed to Use Composer for more information.
  • The TemplateGroup parameter filters the list of file templates that appear in the Conga Composer dialog box to those that match a certain criteria.  Try removing this parameter so the list will not be filtered and your templates may display.
  • If the Used Data Space and Used File Space limits have been exceeded in your Salesforce org, this can cause templates to not display in the Composer window. This information can be found in Salesforce Setup > Company Profile > Company Information. If these fields are over 100%, Composer 8 may not be able to display all available templates.
  • Make sure only one template repository is selected in Composer Setup (see image below).

If you use Salesforce Communication Templates you will also need to select that option.