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How do I move my Conga Composer subscription from one Salesforce instance to another?

Customers may have to move from one Salesforce instance to another (e.g. if their company is acquired, if they’re merging Salesforce instances) and need their Conga Composer, Conga Conductor, Conga Workflow, and/or Conga Courier subscription(s) to move with them.

To move your Conga subscription from one Salesforce instance to another, please take the following steps:

DO NOT uninstall Conga Composer (or Conga Conductor, Conga Workflow, or Conga Courier) from your old Salesforce instance.

DO install the desired Conga app in your new Salesforce instance. You can do so from the following AppExchange listing links:

Conga Composer

Conga Conductor

Conga Courier

*Conga Workflow does not require installation of an app

Activate Conga Composer in your new Salesforce instance by clicking on the Conga Mail Merge tab in Salesforce (you may need to navigate to your All Tabs view). Activate Conga Conductor by clicking the Conga Conductor tab. Activate Conga Courier by clicking the Conga Courier Schedules tab.​​

Contact Support to confirm you've completed steps 3 and 4. Include the Organization IDs for your old Salesforce instance (where you want the subscription moved from) and your new one (where you want the subscription moved to). The Conga support team will then contact the Provisioning team to move your user licenses and subscription details from your old Salesforce instance to your new one. Conga support can also keep the old instance active with Conga Composer, Conductor, Workflow, or Courier access.

Conga support will send you an email confirming that your subscription and licenses have been moved to the new instance.

You will need to recreate all of your Conga Composer, Conductor, Workflow, and Courier solutions in your new Salesforce instance. It is especially important to keep your old Salesforce instance active so you can refer to the original Conga solutions there while you rebuild them in your new Salesforce instance.

Remember that all Salesforce IDs (report IDs, Conga Template IDs, Conga Query IDs, etc.) will change in the new instance. You will need to update all references to these IDs in your Conga Composer, Conga Conductor, and Conga Workflow buttons, links, fields, and general solutions. Conga Courier Schedules will need to be updated with the new report IDs.

Contact Conga Support with questions or if you require assistance.