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Creating tables

You can create a quick-and-easy table or go all-star advanced with extensive customization options in your Conga Collaborate documents.

Inserting a Table

Follow these steps to start your table in a document:

  1. Click Table in the editor.
  2. Hover over Insert Table.
  3. From the grid, select the number of rows and columns you want.

Editing Table Properties

Use Table Properties to set dimensions and configure your table’s appearance. Table Properties enables you to adjust the following:

  • Width, in pixels or a percent value. Giving the width as a percent value lets you set the proportion of the editing area that the table will occupy. To set a percent value, you must type in the percent sign—20%, for example.
  • Cell spacing, meaning the space between individual cells and between cells and table borders, in pixels.
  • Border size, or the thickness of the table border in pixels.
  • Alignment of the table on the page (None, Left, Center, Right).
  • Height in pixels.
  • Cell padding, which is the space between the cell border and its contents, in pixels.
  • Caption, the label that appears under a table.
  • Class, which gives you the options of adding stripes to your table or making it resizable.

Advanced Options

The Advanced tab lets you configure additional options:

  • Style: CSS language for styling your table cell
  • Border Color and Background Color: Use either of the following methods to set the color of cell borders or background.
    • Enter the RGB value in the text box, in the rgb(nn, nn, nn) format, where nn is a numeric value on a scale from 0 to 255 representing the red, green, and blue channel. For example, you’d enter rgb(00, 00, 255)for blue.
    • Enter the hexadecimal RGB value in the text box, in the #nnnnnn format, which represents three pairs of hex color values for the red, green, and blue channels. For blue, you’d enter #0000ff.


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