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Formstack: Using Show/Hide Logic

Each field you add to a form has a logic section, which controls the conditions to show or hide the field on the form. 

Follow these steps to add show/hide logic conditions to fields and/or sections: 
1. Hover over the field or section where you wish to add a logic condition
2. Click the button in the top right that looks like two arrows pointing up/down and left/right
3. Select the field or section where you wish to add logic
4. In the options panel for that field or section, click the Logic button
5. Use the options to choose your logic conditions

  • You can choose whether you want a field to show or hide if any or all of the conditions are true (select Any or All next to "of the following rules match")
  • Use the Add Logic button to add multiple logic statements

If you want the same logic to apply to multiple fields, you can duplicate a field and the logic will carry over to its duplicate. For instance, if you want to show the Fee, Quantity, and Cost fields only if a specific product is chosen, create one fee field with that logic included, duplicate it, and rename the duplicated field. 

You duplicate a field by hovering over it until you see three icons appear. The one that looks like two pages duplicates the document.

Logic can only be added to forms while in the Formstack editor.

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