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Using the editor


Documents and Templates created in Conga Collaborate are web-based. This means the content actually lives in HTML-based pages. When drafting a document or Template,  you’ll find the editing toolbar located across the top of the page. At Conga Collaborate, we often call this the Editor.


We provide a robust online Editor so that you can build web-based Templates, documents, and Pages directly in our platform.  And while many of Conga Collaborate’s features allow you to streamline and automate document creation through your Templates and data-driven logic,  we understand that many clients have use cases that involve manual customization of a document before sending. Conga Collaborate’s Editor allows your users the flexibility to edit Conga Collaborate content online in their documents before sending, even when they start from a Template.


Here’s a quick rundown of tools in the editor toolbar.



Table of Contents

Opens/Closes the Table of Contents


Convert to Template, Delete, Duplicate, Back to Documents


Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find and Replace, Show Blocks, Source Code

*Editing Source Code is helpful for technical admins who would like to edit the HTML of the document. This feature is not available on contracts.


Insert images and other types of content, tables, anchors, links, special characters or page breaks; add content through Responsive Layout


Headings, Blocks, Alignment, Font, Size, Line Height, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript


Insert or edit a table

alt text

Undo last action

alt text

Redo last action

alt text

Bold selected text

alt text

Italicize selected text

alt text

Underline selected text

alt text

Left align selected text

alt text

Center selected text

alt text

Right align selected text

alt text

Add bullet list. Choose bullet style from dropdown menu.

alt text

Add number list – choose format from dropdown menu

alt text

Decrease indent

alt text

Increase indent

alt text

Add a link

alt text

Edit an image

alt text

Clear formatting

alt text

Change text color

alt text

Change background color

alt text

Turn Spell Check on or off

alt text

Insert a variable

Change the Font Family


Updates automatically (with each edit to the page) to show when the document was last saved – you can click the icon to manually save the document.

alt text

Expands/Collapses the Document Header

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