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Advantages of Online Sending

Delivering Online vs. Offline

Taking your document offline, by downloading it to a Word or PDF file, and attaching it to an email has an effect not only on the Recipient’s viewing experience, but will also limit some of the advantages of sending from Conga Collaborate directly.

Document Recipient Experience

  1. As a recipient, the offline experience leaves a little to be desired. While many recipients will be more familiar with a Word or PDF file being delivered as an attachment to their email, the reading experience of your document in a Word or PDF file is lacking when compared to a fully responsive experience online.
  2. By keeping the experience online with Conga Collaborate, your recipient is able to open your document from whatever device happens to be most convenient for them at the moment of receiving it. Instead of having to wait to get back to a Laptop or Desktop, your client can open the document on their cellphone. This allows you to conduct business faster instead of waiting for your client to get home or back to their desk.
  3. When you client opens the document online with Conga Collaborate, instead of being greeted with a static PDF that doesn’t change font size no matter what they do, they are greeted with a responsive web page that conforms to the size of screen they are currently viewing with. The recipients experience is something that should be top of mind when you are deciding to send the document online or taking it offline by downloading and sending an email attachment with a Word or PDF file.

Conga Collaborate User Experience

As mentioned above, the difference in the experience does not stop at the recipient viewing and reading the document you have sent. There’s also a difference in the features and functionalities of Conga Collaborate you can take advantage of when taking your document offline by downloading to Word or PDF.

By sending the document as a file, attached to an email, you lose most of your ability to track and understand the client’s experience when opening the document. Your email provider may be able to tell you if the recipient has opened your email, but the knowledge stops there.

Alternatively, by sending the document online with Conga Collaborate, there’s a wealth of knowledge available to you about when the client received the document and what they did with it after receipt. You can tell what content was important to the recipient by analyzing what pages have the most view times or the ones the recipient kept coming back to read again and again. You can also tell if the client was the only one opening the document or if they sent it along to their co-workers for review.

Sales Rep Experience

You primary advantage, of sending online, is the automated notifications you can receive as events happen, in real time, within your document. As a Sales Rep you want to be able to follow up with your recipient when the iron is hot. Conga Collaborate let’s you do this by informing you by text, email, or post to your CRMs news feed as the document is viewed by your recipients and any other people to which your recipient may forward the document.

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