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What are workgroups?

Conga Collaborate works like your business does, and so we’ve developed a workgroup feature that enables you to share what—and only what—each division of your operation needs.

From one account, you can establish workgroups according to location, project, department, and so on.

There’s no limit to the number of workgroups a user can be placed in by a system administrator, and the workgroup function enables an approved user to create and use documents and content within each workgroup depending on how they are shared and which workgroup he or she is working in. Management hierarchy still applies, and until a user shares content, it remains private.

Upon document or content creation, the user has the ability to select which workgroup the document or content is shared within the Properties panel. The user can select the Workgroups radio button under ‘Privacy’ and then type their desired workgroups within the text box.

Some special distinctions exist within workgroups:

  • The purpose of provisioning multiple workgroups is to prevent the documents created in one workgroup from being visible within any other workgroup; creating organizational silos within a single Conga Collaborate account.
  • Anyone who has not been assigned to a workgroup is in the Global Workgroup.
  • A Global User is a kind of super user of workgroups and can access documents and perform administrative functions within any available workgroup.
  • Any Global User or any user who belongs to more than one workgroup can switch from workgroup to workgroup via a toggle in the user panel.
  • Documents (usually templates and content) created at the Global level can be shared down to one or more individual workgroups.