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Setting alerts with Conga Collaborate Signals

Conga Collaborate Signals is a feature which enables you to set up email alerts triggered by specific activities within your account or sent as a regular briefing of the activities you want to keep tabs on. A system administrator can set up this feature.

Follow these steps to configure alerts:

  1. From your Administration Settings view, click the Signals button
  2. Click New Alert on the right-hand side of the page
  3. In the Document Type, choose the Document Type you want to have the alert trigger on and click Continue
  4. In the Alert Options section, choose and set the attributes of your document that you want the alert to trigger on and click Continue (Note: Owner, Title, Value, and Tag will not trigger the alert until the document is published). Available options are:
    • Owner
    • Title
    • Value
    • Tag
    • Status
    • Events
  5. In the Delivery section:
    • Use the Alert Name field to give your alert an identity
    • Choose the frequency of the alert (Immediate, Daily digest, or Weekly digest)
    • Choose the recipients of the alert (Note: recipients will have to be Reports of your user in the Relationships hierarchy in order to show up in the dropdown)
  6. Click Create
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