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Establishing Notification Preferences

Get the document notifications you want, the way you want them, by establishing preferences in your User Profile. By default, Conga Collaborate will automatically alert you of the actions below by email, but you can also enable text messages and Salesforce Chatter posts (Salesforce-integrated accounts only) for added visibility.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click your avatar to get your User Dropdown Menu
  2. Choose User Profile
  3. Click the Notifications tab
  4. Choose email and/or mobile notifications for the options you want from the following:
    • Document Accepted
    • Document Declined
    • Question or Comment Submitted
    • Creation of Change Requests and Comments
    • First Document View
    • All Document Views

All text notifications will come from a single phone number (317-550-4586) and messages will be grouped in the same conversation. You may choose to save this number in your phone’s contacts as Conga Collaborate Notifications.

For more notification options, click Configure conditional alerts with Signals. Use the New Alert button to configure your alert.

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