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Conga Support

General FAQs

  1. What is ActionGrid?
    ActionGrid is a revolutionary platform designed to improve the way every user in your organization works with Salesforce list views and related lists by offering a modern grid that resembles Microsoft Excel®.
  2. Which editions of Salesforce does ActionGrid support?
    ActionGrid works with the following Salesforce editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance. ActionGrid also supports Professional Edition with only minor limitations when performing certain configuration tasks.
  3. Is ActionGrid Lightning ready?
    Yes, ActionGrid was one of the first ten applications to be Lightning Certified. 
  4. Does ActionGrid work with Salesforce1?
    Yes, ActionGrid is Salesforce1 Mobile certified.
  5. Does ActionGrid work with Custom Objects?
    Yes, the Salesforce API allows you to interact with any object and its relationships.
  6. How do I receive ActionGrid updates?
    ActionGrid administrators are notified via e-mail about upcoming changes, as well as any necessary installation and configuration steps for that particular upgrade.
  7. What is the cost of ActionGrid?
    Please use our Contact form to ask about specific pricing for your organization.
  8. Can I use a trial version of ActionGrid before purchasing it?
    There are several ways to use a trial version of ActionGrid, available from the AppExchange. Download and install ActionGrid to your production or sandbox org. Then take ActionGrid for an test drive! Everything is pre-configured.
  9. Do you have volume discounting, and can I pay month-by-month?
    Please use our Contact form to ask about specific pricing for your organization.
  10. Who do I contact if I have an issue?
    Please visit the Contact Support web page.
  11. How do I provide comments and feedback?
    We love feedback! Our product roadmap depends on your ideas. Please visit the Review section for ActionGrid on the AppExchange to leave a product review. Or Contact Support.