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Secure Mass Update Upgrade Instructions

When upgrading to the newest version of Secure Mass Update, code for the old buttons may stick around, causing errors. To ensure the button codes are up to date, simply delete the Mass Update button and recreate it using the Secure Mass Update Settings buttons.

To do so:

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > (Object) > Buttons, Links and Actions. Click Mass Update. smu_update_01.jpg
  2. Click Delete. When prompted, “Are you sure?” Click OK.
    You will now be taken to the Button/Link References page, as the Mass Update button cannot be deleted before it is removed from the List View and Search Results.
  3. Click List View under Reference Label.smu_update_02.jpg
  4. Remove Mass Update from the Selected Buttons. Once you click Save, it will take you back to the Reference list.
    Repeat this process for the Search Layout. You will be returned to the References list again.smu_update_03.jpg
  5. Now, return to the Buttons, Links and Actions section and Delete the Mass Update Button. smu_update_04.jpg
  6. Now that the button has been deleted, go to the Secure Mass Update Settings. Create the button by pressing the Create Button and Display Buttons. Don’t forget to Save!smu_update_05.jpg
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